Kerri Kraus

Senior Marketing Strategist

Kerri Kraus brings 20-plus years of marketing expertise to Blu Pagoda clients. With deep experience in developing and executing strategic marketing plans across all channels to drive lead generation, client acquisition, growth and loyalty, Kerri is a highly sought-after consultant and project lead.  She’s known for her candid approach and thoughtful insights, and she excels in leading and participating in large cross-functional project teams, managing multiple priorities and aggressive timelines.

Prior to becoming a consultant, the majority of Kerri’s career was spent in the retail marketing organization at Charles Schwab, where she was responsible for leading the marketing efforts supporting many top initiatives, including: redesigning, managing, and optimizing the prospect website; leveraging Corporate Sponsorships, developing co-branded promotional integrated campaigns to drive brand affinity, engagement and conversion; launching and growing the portfolio of wealth management services within a highly regulated environment.

In her spare time, Kerri enjoys spending time running, attending her kids’ sport activities, enjoying the outdoors with her dog, and listening to live music any chance she gets. As a former teacher, she also volunteers whenever available to support her kids’ schools.

Kerri holds her bachelor’s degree in English from U.C. Davis with a minor in Education and her secondary teaching credential from San Francisco State University.