Pricing and Fees


  • First and foremost: we are happy to work with your budget. Have a maximum in mind? We’ll work towards coming under that (at least by a smidge). Our goal is to cultivate long-term clients, so our aim is to be reasonable.


  • Project-based pricing: we can provide you with an estimate for work on an entire project (big or small). We’ll need to get a bit of detail from you first of course, and then we’ll craft a scope of work with an estimate included.


  • Hourly pricing: some of our clients prefer us to work on an hourly basis. We have a tiered hourly rate card depending on the task at hand (writing, copyediting, project management, data analysis, etc). If you’d like to see the rate card, drop a note to Rachel.


  • Contractor/consultant engagements: for those situations when you need to bring on board a temporary expert for a period of time. We can work with you on a fee arrangement for a full-time (35 – 40 hours per week) or part-time engagement (20 – 25 hours per week) engagement.