Giving Back to Blue

Blu Pagoda Announces Partnership with 1% for the Planet.

When I started putting together Blu Pagoda LLC, I knew that I wanted to build a company that had “giving back” at its core. I began researching organizations that help businesses with their philanthropic efforts, and read about 1% for the Planet. I had heard of the organization before, and certainly recognized their logo. What I didn’t know is that they've been operating for over a decade, and have helped to give over 100 million dollars to approved non-profits.

Having a focus on sustainability—and protecting the planet we live on—is hopefully something we can all support. After all, with a company name like Blu Pagoda, how could we not love an organization that asks us to “Love Blue”?

Earlier this year, we made it official. We’re thrilled to announce our business membership with 1% for the Planet, and our commitment to give 1% of revenue to sustainability efforts. For more information, please read our complete press release