Lucy Sansom

Lucy Sansom, Proofreader

Lucy Sansom has a few decades of experience as a proofreader, more than a couple of those decades on staff at a large Austin, Texas–based advertising agency. Lucy went from being the sole proofer at the ad agency to building a small yet integral department of word processor, proofreading and editing professionals, who were responsible for quality control on everything from a few words on an outdoor board to TV scripts to long-form new business presentations and requests for proposal — and everything in-between.

Over the years, Lucy has worked on many client accounts, including an airline (Southwest), breweries, restaurants (Brinker International), healthcare, homebuilders, financial institutions and governmental agencies (U.S. Air Force, Don’t Mess with Texas). She considers herself to be the first consumer of any communication in whatever medium.

Lucy is surviving the traffic, heat and humidity in Houston and manages to lure a variety of birds to her growing backyard garden with nary a tree on the premises. She loves to travel, especially in Europe, with her beloved and has logged seven trips in six years (so far!).