How can we serve? 

We're known for our personalized and compassionate approach, creative thinking, and quality of work. Here are some of the key areas where we can be of assistance. 

Marketing Communications

You’ve got a program that needs communications or marketing support. Hello, communications strategy and project management. 

We love helping companies and organizations, big and small, with their communications and project challenges. Here are a few examples from clients we work with:

  • You’ve got a complex communications project on your hands that needs major support
  • You're looking for product, offer or program strategy support for a multi-faceted initiative
  • You’re overwhelmed with content demand from your clients or internal partners
  • You need an overhaul on your client service communications, but don’t know where to start
  • You need a communications strategy, and the content to go with it
  • You need on-going writing and editorial help for blog posts, case studies and white papers that honor your voice and tone, and meet the needs of your target market
  • You need a style guide to make the everyday writing tasks easier

From short-term needs to longer-term projects, we can help.

Content Development and Management

Content may wear the king's crown, but thoughtless content wears the fool’s cap (don’t even get us started on the typo-ridden stuff).

With writing and editing as a core component of our business, just about everything we do is content in some form.

We help our clients with many aspects of content development and management, from blog posts, to eBooks, to editorial calendar management, to website content.

We love to help our clients get their story and message out in good form—long or short. 

Service Communications Projects

What are service communications? In most simple terms, service communications are anything that aren’t pure marketing. Service communications come into play throughout the lifecycle of a customer, and they play an important role in client satisfaction.

  • Client onboarding materials, such as a welcome letter, account open confirmation, or activation instructions
  • Ongoing account-related communications, such as address change updates, paperless enrollment, or account activity confirmation
  • Regulatory-driven service communications, such as the introduction of a new regulator rule that impacts client accounts or company product offers
  • Crisis communications, such as system issues, data incidents, or impacts from natural disasters

Many companies see these types of communications as less important when it comes to clarity, voice and tone, or branding. On the contrary, for some customers, these types of communications are their most frequent interactions with their chosen service provider, and have the ability to make a positive or negative impact. We help our clients ensure that their customers are having the best possible communications experience.

Complex Projects and Programs

Integration. Remediation. Migration. Three words that are often followed by deep sighs and, eventually, more gray hairs.

Fortunately, these types of projects are just the thing that the team at Blu Pagoda gets excited about. Our goals are simple: serve and support our clients and their project or program in the best and most caring way possible. Yes, we used the word caring--these projects often require a lot of compassion!

The management of a complex program or initiative requires organization, motivation, facilitation, creativity, product and system knowledge, and, above all else, relationship building. In our experience, the success of a project and team is in direct correlation to the quality of the interactions and relationships on the project. And more the better to be working with partners who already know the industry language and framework.

We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly on complex projects, and are proud to say we’ve had a positive impact on ensuring successful outcomes. 

Complete Services List

  • Client communications
  • Communications strategy
  • Communications planning and management
  • Complex regulatory and service communications projects
  • Content development, management and distribution
  • Creative writing
  • Creative non-fiction writing
  • Crisis communications plans
  • Keyword and hashtag guides
  • Marketing communications
  • Offer strategy
  • Product and program strategy
  • Project management
  • Proofreading
  • Script writing for product demos, film and video
  • SEO writing
  • Storytelling
  • Style guide development
  • Technical writing
  • Writing and editing

Have a project in mind, and curious about how much it might cost? Happy to chat about it. Just give me a call, or send a message.
— Rachel Formaro, Founder/Principal