You might be wondering how we came up with our name.

Developing a brand name is always an interesting process, certainly involving both sides of the brain. It’s emotional, challenging, head scratching, and exhilarating. Coming up with our name was no different.

Why “blu”? Blue is the color of communication—truly the heart (or voice) of our business. Blue is also associated with creativity, and is often thought to signify openness, calm and safety (which is good, considering the amount of crisis communications work we do). And why did we drop the “e”? We liked the look graphically, and it adds a touch of uniqueness.

Now, what’s with the pagoda? This one is a little harder to articulate. First, we like the sound – pa-go-da. It has rhythm. The meaning of the word is varied, but in general refers to a temple or tower. For us, it signifies strength, longevity, and taking a hand-crafted or artisanal approach to the work we do. Some early origins of “pagoda” also mean “good fortune” – something we plan to bring to every client project.